João's Giant Rolling Avocado of Death!
(or "possibly the world's only streamlined Haluzak Horizon")


I'm leaving this page on here as an shrine to my old bike ;-)

US $1,000 for the plain Haluzak Horizon with some upgrades, or US $1,300 including the fairing, rack, mirrors, computer, and T-bar for mounting equipment, but not the green bodysock. You can order a new bodysock from the good folks at Free Form Fashions. Also, the HED carbon-fiber wheel in some of the pictures got damaged, so it comes with a Velocity Razor front wheel, which is a lot lighter and stronger than the HED. Contact me at if interested.

This is a great bike, and I'm only selling it because I'm buying a fully-streamlined Gold Rush Replica which is an insanely fast bike, but also very very big, and I live in a tiny little studio apartment that is running out of space. I'm also selling my Bacchetta Strada by the way, for the same reason. You can read my praises for this bike over the past 2.5 years right here.

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This bike started out as a Haluzak Horizon, and has gone through a lot of modifications since I first bought it.

 En route, during the Cycling the Erie Canal ride

 Camping in Martha's Vineyard

 At the Erie Canal Museum in Ithaca

 Gotta love the looks on folks' faces!

 Cruising upstate NY

 On the way to Bike New York

Day 1, just after I finished with the bodysock
It ended up that I had to do a LOT of readjusting of the sock,
rear rack, and fairing to get it streached right.

Ps: Notice my lovely workshop ;-)

 Again day 1

 and again....

 ...and again....

Following my girlfriend, Near Bear Mountain

Somewhere in Northern Long Island


 In Newport RI, riding by some kite competition


 Martha's Vineyard, as seen from my fairing


 Block Island as seen from my fairing


 The Erie Canal as seen from my fairing