2002 Bacchetta Strada for sale

This is a standard-sized frame. I'm 5'7", and have no problem reaching the pedals or the floor. The bike feels at home on the streets of NYC where I live, as well as in the giant hills of Hawaii where these pictures were taken.

Some of the earlier Stradas had a lot of assembly problems, therefore this bike has been fully disassembled, and then put together correctly, while all the sub-standard parts were replaced. Even the wheels were re-laced!

This is a great bike, and I'm only selling it because I'm buying a fully-streamlined Gold Rush Replica which is an insanely fast bike, but unfortunatly very very big, and I live in a very small apartment that has run out of space.

Asking price is $1,500 NOT including the Aerotrunk (that's the big yellow box in the back) - the bike is currently located in the Upper Westside (69st between CPW & Columbus), NYC. Contact me at strada@allgoodnamesRtaken.com if interested.

Notice the small frontal area. That translates into less air to move out of the way, thus better aerodynamics.
Riding in Hawaii
Notice how the seat supports your weight from the legs all the way up to the shoulder blades. The lower part of the seat is about 2 inches thick foam, and about 14 inches wide. Compare that to the support given by a regular bike seat.
Who says recumbents can't climb? This hill is a 40 mile ride from ocean level (Hilo, HI) all the way up to one of the tallest volcanos in the world (Mauna Kea - 13,000 feet high)